If SciPy has been significant in your research, and you would like to acknowledge the project in your academic publication, we suggest citing the following paper:

Pauli Virtanen, Ralf Gommers, Travis E. Oliphant, Matt Haberland, Tyler Reddy, David Cournapeau, Evgeni Burovski, Pearu Peterson, Warren Weckesser, Jonathan Bright, Stéfan J. van der Walt, Matthew Brett, Joshua Wilson, K. Jarrod Millman, Nikolay Mayorov, Andrew R. J. Nelson, Eric Jones, Robert Kern, Eric Larson, CJ Carey, İlhan Polat, Yu Feng, Eric W. Moore, Jake VanderPlas, Denis Laxalde, Josef Perktold, Robert Cimrman, Ian Henriksen, E.A. Quintero, Charles R Harris, Anne M. Archibald, Antônio H. Ribeiro, Fabian Pedregosa, Paul van Mulbregt, and SciPy 1.0 Contributors. (2020) SciPy 1.0: Fundamental Algorithms for Scientific Computing in Python. Nature Methods, 17(3), 261-272.

Here's an example of a BibTeX entry:

  author  = {Virtanen, Pauli and Gommers, Ralf and Oliphant, Travis E. and
            Haberland, Matt and Reddy, Tyler and Cournapeau, David and
            Burovski, Evgeni and Peterson, Pearu and Weckesser, Warren and
            Bright, Jonathan and {van der Walt}, St{\'e}fan J. and
            Brett, Matthew and Wilson, Joshua and Millman, K. Jarrod and
            Mayorov, Nikolay and Nelson, Andrew R. J. and Jones, Eric and
            Kern, Robert and Larson, Eric and Carey, C J and
            Polat, {\.I}lhan and Feng, Yu and Moore, Eric W. and
            {VanderPlas}, Jake and Laxalde, Denis and Perktold, Josef and
            Cimrman, Robert and Henriksen, Ian and Quintero, E. A. and
            Harris, Charles R. and Archibald, Anne M. and
            Ribeiro, Ant{\^o}nio H. and Pedregosa, Fabian and
            {van Mulbregt}, Paul and {SciPy 1.0 Contributors}},
  title   = {{{SciPy} 1.0: Fundamental Algorithms for Scientific
            Computing in Python}},
  journal = {Nature Methods},
  year    = {2020},
  volume  = {17},
  pages   = {261--272},
  adsurl  = {https://rdcu.be/b08Wh},
  doi     = {10.1038/s41592-019-0686-2},

For any specific algorithm, also consider citing the original author's paper (this can often be found under the "References" section of the docstring).