Obtaining NumPy & SciPy libraries

Official Source and Binary Releases

For each official release of NumPy and SciPy, we provide source code (tarball) as well as binary wheels for several major platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux).

Project Available packages Download location
NumPy Official source code (all platforms) and binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X PyPI page for NumPy
SciPy Official source code (all platforms) and binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

SciPy release page (sources)

PyPI page for SciPy (all)

Source Code Repository Access

The most recent development versions of NumPy and SciPy are available through the official repositories hosted on Github.

To check out the latest NumPy sources:

git clone numpy

To check out the latest SciPy sources:

git clone scipy

Build instructions

Build instructions for Scipy can be found in its documentation. The latest version can be found at:

Third-Party/Vendor Package Managers

Below is a partial list of third-party and operating system vendor package managers containing NumPy and SciPy packages.

These packages are not maintained by the NumPy and SciPy developers; this list is provided only as a convenience. These packages may not always provide the most up to date version of the software, and may be unmaintained.

IMPORTANT: If you experience problems with these packages (especially those related to installation/build errors), please report the problem to the package maintainer first, rather than to the NumPy/SciPy mailing lists.

Distribution NumPy Packages SciPy Packages
Arch Linux python-numpy python-scipy
Debian GNU/Linux python-numpy python-scipy
Ubuntu Linux python-numpy python-scipy
Fedora numpy scipy
Fink numpy-py27, numpy-py35 scipy-py27, scipy-py35
FreeBSD (Ports) math/py-numpy science/py-scipy
Gentoo Linux dev-python/numpy sci-libs/scipy
MacPorts py-numpy, py-scipy,
NetBSD (pkgsrc) math/py-numpy math/py-scipy
OpenSUSE python-numpy, python-numpy-devel python-scipy, python-scipy-devel
Slackware Linux numpy ( scipy (